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Women's Health Nurse Practitioner 

Welcome! I am so grateful that you're here! I have dedicated my skills and art of advanced practice nursing to caring for women since 1998. Graduate from Columbia University with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice and specializing in Women's Health my mission is to bring a transformational approach where women gain a spiritual connection to maintain naturally young, strong, and beautiful. Most importantly, there are some of us that need guidance moving through the illness to wellness spectrum and that's why - I'm here. 

I've had the honor to care for women at all stages of life, and worked closely with specialized teams to care for low and high-risk pregnancies at practices affiliated with Lenox Hill and Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.  It's been a privilege to work with some of the nation's top OB/GYN/MFM specialists at these institutions. My professional goal has always been driven by outcomes. 


This means a healthy woman, a healthy child, equals healthy families. 

I'm here for a call of action, according to national statistics women more than ever are suffering from generalized anxiety to postpartum depression, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  Let us not forget to discuss the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, autoimmune disease, endocrine disorders, and inflammation. Women deserve caring and focused care during their pregnancy, with great importance placed on postpartum recovery.  Women need individualized holistic comprehensive care, that nurtures the soul, body, and mind. By employing conventional and functional medicine in a combination of real-time metrics and evidence-based practice, a higher level of wellness and wellbeing is reached. 

I am beyond excited for our journey together! 


The vision for the belev method is creating a platform where women’s health is the center conversation, we are all born beautiful, perfect, and ready to love and be loved. Women across the country deserve to have more knowledge on how to mitigate ailments across the spectrum of their health.  From the teenage years to the golden age, women confront challenges. These specific challenges have to do with where we are born, grow, work and live, this is what we call, social determinants of health. Our surroundings build, create us and also may destroy us. 


According to national statistics, American healthcare is failing women. Access, cost and quality of care are worsening.  By providing a platform to help close the gaps in health care we not only learn to care for our selves but our families and progression of healthier communities. The gaps in health care involve education, health promotion and disease prevention as the most basic level with a comprehensive approach to wellness of the entire woman.


Women on this platform can openly choose what they want to change about their health, weight, self-image, or if they prefer one on one consults for targeted health care concerns. The approach in this platform is to provide a session consisting of twelve high intensity weeks or single sessions that are exciting, fully holistic, transformational, and fruitful.  The platform is an all-inclusive place where women will learn to manipulate their full potential for optimum performance. The focus is entirely evidenced based from the inner spirit and soul to core strength, gut health, skin beauty, and overall diva production and maintenance across the lifespan.



- Isabel Bogdan, Founder

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